Friday 16 April 2021

Time to keep on sowing

Dear Family & Friends

You can call me the mad gardener, for I really won't mind it. Day and night my mind is preoccupied with garden task and it's addictive. It's really the season to start sowing and to keep on - in order to get a garden filled with everything you want. Must always try!

My mantra is to fill every space as dense as I could, so comes summer season, it will be cooler, filled with colors and lesser need of watering chore as plants can shield fast water evaporation. It's really a long term outlook plan.

Right now, the sunshine is just so pleasant to do all gardening chore - pure joy. Comes night fall, the body starts to complain - but once you fall asleep, you can't feel the aches anymore. By next day, it's time to start all over again:)

Life is fun - maybe sometimes we term it funny! I would still recommend outdoor gardening work - no matter what. Hope you have a great day too!



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