Friday 11 June 2021

A short tour - Rowing Canal

Dear Family & Friends

Let me take you to the city where we go for sleep over as we all can't go very far these days with travel restrictions. Just 5-10 minutes walk from our apartment is this 18 kilometers oval circuit man-made rowing canal. People go for power walk or cycling in this pedestrian area. If exercise activities is too tiring, you can just sit in the bench and practice ''people watching''!! 

See the hanging breach? It's made of heavy concrete?!! but just for people. In winter, they drain all the water out and gather the fishes within. In Spring, river water is allowed in once again. In summer, there's a rowing school and rowing competition events.  

That's our minute outing for today. Smile and keep happy at all possible time...If there's difficulty in life, just keep practicing till it gets better! Have a great day!



  1. What an excellent innovation with so many uses and the benefit of harvesting fish and preventing freeze damage by draining in winter. I think this is very exciting. I love your gardening posts. You have such an abundance and make good use of it all. I am so jealous of the walnut tree. We planted a black walnut sapling about 34 years ago and had our first crop of 4 walnuts last year.We were thrilled! A friend in Canada.

    1. Thank you for your comment Rita. I'm so surprised to hear about your walnut tree - that's a long time to wait. You got great patience with positive attitude. Hope this year it will reward you more. Have a great day!


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