Friday, 4 June 2021

The Victorious Gardening

Dear Family & Friends

In the photo is a patch of hollyhock flowers. Beautiful isn't it? We planted them - but it's not our garden. It's the street pathway of our neighbor across us. 

There were just ugly weeds growing there before and the owner keeps spraying chemicals to tame it every year. We hate hate chemical spray because it's very bad for us and our environment!! 

So, one day, I dug up spare hollyhocks from my garden and planted it in his patch. He was surprised to discover what we did and I told him to leave them alone. He didn't argue...after all, we saved him some work, money and probably his health too!! 

Passersby all enjoy the yearly flower display and the old weeds got no room to grow there anymore!! Victorious gardening!! Hope you enjoyed the almost self maintaining flower patch too!


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