Friday 27 August 2021

The Lavender garden display is over

Dear Family & Friends

Our lavender garden show display is now over. The bees are done with the process of their lavender infused honey. It's now time to prune and collect the dried flowers. After trimming the plant, it might give us another second flash of bloom before autumn arrives- but it won't be as much.

The collected dried flowers are intensely fragrant and will remain so for a long time. I'm making a lot of flower arrangement to put indoor and for outdoor display. I might make some hanging wreath too.

For now, the lavender pathway are pruned neatly. It seems less crowded and quieter too, as most of the bees are now busy foraging in nearby sunflower fields.

The summer temperature has dropped a little bit but still not enough to give me a good sleep, but July will be over soon - and weekend is coming again. Hope you've all done your best for this week already.


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