Friday 29 October 2021

Food for our bees and food for us too

Dear Family & Friends

We care for our environment and have a soft spot for the creatures that makes it all possible for us. There's about 8 different species of bees in our garden, but only the honeybee gives us ''honey'' as a bonus, but all bees are equally important and beneficial!

Now that nearby sunflowers fields are harvested, I make sure there's always flowers in our own garden as food source for bees for as long as possible. Without the presence of the bees, a garden is not as beautiful n as bountiful. Without them, our world won't have the food we need.

Our happy beekeeper is fully geared with a smoker on one hand, to calm the honeybees as he goes about checking them and when we harvest our share of honey (''only'') that was produced for us. His wooden handbag is full of honey racks to be brought indoor to be extracted. So, grateful for what we're given this year.

Hope you've all been blessed with your work for this week too. Keep strong n healthy always. 

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