Friday 5 November 2021

Keeping up with garden harvesting

Dear Family & Friends

With about 60 grapevines in the garden, by this time, we reached a point where eating them day after day can prove difficult after a while. Most of these vines we just inherited with the property. The locals usually grow them for wine - so it's grown a lot. 

A few days ago,  I discovered a new fruit variety - pink in color!. My guess, this is what they use to produce the chic rose wine ''ro-sey''! There must be around 10 different varieties of grapes growing in the garden, all colors, shapes and taste...I have to be more creative with them! I even learned to peel my grapes before eating - but don't do that, it's a waste of time! Just being silly!

The week we haven't give up on harvesting buckets and buckets of various food from the garden like an ant. There's courgette, grapes, figs, tomatoes and it was raining walnuts too! There's still more harvest to collect. This is the gift of gardening. 

We keep busy with work plans for the new week. Work keeps us motivated and inspired. Hope all your work plans goes well for this week too.


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