Friday 26 November 2021

Garden is a fascinating place

Dear Family & Friends

This is where I just came back from. As you can see, my garden is still amazingly full of colors! The grapevine on the right is making a big mess: leaves and fruits starts falling on the pathway. On the far left end is the very tall enormous walnut tree - it's also shedding it's leaves - almost bare by now.

While enjoying my gardening works....I stop from time to time to observe the nature around me. Everything fascinates me - including these two ladybirds...they're looking for places to hibernate for the cold season ahead. I mustn't clean my garden so they can have some hiding places to go.

It's a beautiful day and I hope you all have an equally beautiful day where you are too. 



  1. I haven't stopped by for a while and did enjoy catching up with your garden and home renovations. I am impressed with the concrete and brickwork! What a bounty of grapes, nuts and vegetables. You will have plenty to feed your family until spring. The beets are lovely. I too grew big beets this year and they are so sweet and tender. I see that you are always considering the almost invisible creatures that share our gardens. It was a good reminder to leave spent plants in place as food and shelter for our little helpers. Wishing you continuing joy in the garden.

    1. Thank you Rita. May you always find the joy in your gardening too - in all season. Happy December.


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