Friday 19 November 2021

Beetroot in the garden

Dear Family & Friends

This row of plants on the edge are my beetroots. Along with it, is a courgette plant with it's fruit calling me to harvest. These beets are also ready to be harvested, but they won't mind if I delay for they'll continue getting bigger in size. 

My beetroot this year is a success. It's one of our favorite food. It's a very good root veggie popular for making a red winter soup - Russian borscht.

One beetroot is big enough for us. I simply grate it, mix with garlic, salt & pepper, vinegar, a bit of sugar and olive oil. I wrap the salad in a Vietnamese rice wrapper to make a quick and yummy lunch. No cooking needed. It also makes a delicious pickle!

Let's grow and eat more veggies.. if we could. It's all great fun!! Let's all have a good and safe day too!


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