Saturday 11 January 2014

Vegetable Planner 2014 - Sow Little & Often (part1/5)

Dear Family & Friends

Let's keep our plan working. I'm journaling some of my gardening plans for this year and am happy to share it with might know about this already.

sowing indoors using recycled yogurt pots

From experience, we tend to plant so much every year. It's good if you've got a big family to share with but there's only 4 of us in this country! Friends and neighbours seem to have as much garden harvest as we do if not more! SO what to do?

Sow little and often! This will be the goal this year. This will help to spread the harvest and avoid gluts. Instead of sowing one long row, sow short rows every two weeks. Lettuce, spinach, early carrots, beetroot, dwarf beans, early peas, radish and spring onions are prime candidates to start with. We will also try kale and summer cauliflower.

Leafy greens sown needs thinning out at some point

If you are like me, I sometimes find some of the seeds so tiny and as I pour them out, I just don't realize that I just have sown quite a lot of a certain veg for that matter...ending up with lots of sprouting seedlings and worst, I don't have the heart  not to give them all a chance to live.

OK, if you've got a lot of spare gardening space...let them grow and share with the chickens if there's no one else...or perhaps, others would welcome some of your seedlings.

radishes sown in rows

Next, we'll talk about the idea of planting two crops a year.

See you next time and enjoy what you put your hands to work.



  1. Annie I like this post. You make me excited to think of this Spring and vegetables, seedlings.
    Thanks for such a great post and for sharing it over at Farmgirl Friday.

  2. Post like this makes me yearn to have at least a small backyard *sigh* Well , at least my mint and calamansi are still striving :D I can't wait for spring and see all your growing plants .

  3. Amazing! You are very organized person.

  4. Hi Annie, happy gardening. You're really good, can't wait to see your plants and vegetables in spring.

    Best regards.


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