Saturday, 15 March 2014

Boxwood Multiplication

Dear Family & Friends

This boxwood has grown so big that it was time to downsize it...mainly because we also need a wider passage way as we proceed with installing a garden wash basin just next to it.

Boxwood Plant

So, the boxwood had to be chopped to ...half it's size!

This was after we chopped in down in half.

We managed to retrieve at least a 100 or so boxwood plants with strong roots. We decided to replant them in containers, and later...perhaps we could start shaping it as mobile topiary in pots.

Boxwood stems with strong roots were retrieved to be replanted

We bought 10 litre size plastic builders' bucket as oppose to a proper claypot planter, which would have been nice...but, builder's bucket is much cheaper and we needed a lot!

A good soil with added compost should help these planted grow in their buckets

To save pot containers, we also had to put as many plants per pot. Some were planted directly in the garden, in lines of 24 plants... a lot of it was shared with our neighbours too.

A few boxwood planted in container, and more to go...

It was good fun! For a while we thought we were opening up a nursery plant business with all that work we did. Boxwood grows very slowly, but I'm hoping that I could start training them into various topiary, here I am dreaming in my gardening world:)

Hope you have a nice day today...because we did.



  1. So , this is plant they use for those wonderful topiary ! Maybe opening a herb nursery is much better and easier ?! :D

  2. I have some boxwood too. So this is how you divide're so resourceful. I think you could sell some of them in the future.


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