Tuesday 10 June 2014

Knitted Strawberry Booties - Kawaii

Dear Family & Friends

A young Japanese lady who holds a full time job, newly wed, and soon to-be-a-mother, yet, was happy and patient to write e-mails back and forth to my little girl whose desire is to practice her Japanese reading and writing skill further. So, when we heard that she's having a baby girl soon, my two girls decided to knit this strawberry baby booties for her baby! 

Strawberry baby booties - kawaii no ichigo booties!

Don't you think they are so cute? I'm so proud of my two daughters...they are good in knitting...they can read abbreviated patterns which I am hopeless at! Although I'm good at crochet, they are better in knitting!

A heart shape strawberry

The booties was inspired by the strawberry season and was knitted with love. This year is our first year to really enjoy strawberries from the garden. The two girls enjoy going out in the garden for fruit snacking!

Red rose quadruplets

The garden is just full of flowers of different sort. I love our red roses and it's also our first year to really enjoy the abundance of rose blooms.

Poppies are blooming in the garden..bees love them too:)

Another first timer in our garden is the poppie flowers. The blooms don't last very long but I've always wanted to grow them. Now that we got them, they will just self seed every year.

Looks like all the photos posted today are mainly red in colour:)  I should have also include a photo of the red geranium...but perhaps that will be for next time.

Hope you have a bright brilliant happy day today:)



  1. Soooo cute! hontoni kawaii desu! Wow! heart shaped ichigo? Nice!

  2. Hi Annie, oh my.. the baby booties is so cute and beautiful. 2 thumbs up to your girls, very creative. The flowers too look very beautiful.

    Have a nice week ahead,regards.


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