Saturday 4 October 2014

Sleeping Arrangements

Dear Family & Friends

Each of us have work responsibilities at home. The two girls were brought up to contribute their fair share since they're little. I don't feel guilty using child, in fact, doing so have made them responsible and happy in life! They are never afraid of work. Saying that, children are children...they're not perfect in all their ways at all times. 

My little girl has the responsibility of feeding the chickens, collecting their eggs, and locking up the coop at night. Since we got additional little hens recently, a special feed were needed for the time being. But my diligent husband found out that she was not doing it. So, he had to show her as she claims she doesn't know how or where to get the feeds from. But this was just an excuse. She did not want the extra hassle and wouldn't like to come and learn. Defiantly, she started giving reasons of toilet need first before coming but eventually also did her 10 minutes long brushing teeth ritual, while the father was waiting and calling! In the end, she was given the consequence..."father is not helping with the cleaning of the coop...for 3 weeks"  Little girl is all on her own.  All is OK...she's taking her sentence well and good afterwards.

We'll see who is who inside this chicken coop by their sleeping arrangement.

She does enjoy those chickens...they are entertaining lot! In fact, one night this week, she wanted to catch a glimpse of their sleeping arrangement with her camera....specially the "new arrivals". This was what she saw.

The wood perch in this part of the chooks house seems to be the prime location. The two Swiss chickens decided for the priviledge. Notice the new little hens perched at the rear end of the wall, that's the best they were given by the older chickens!

As you know, chickens are also chickens...they too have their imperfections. They have this hierarchy system amongst them...yeah...power struggle! Eventually, they all learn to live together happily.

The tiny Bantam rooster have to content sleeping on the ground...he arrived into the brood a bit later than these hens on the perch...they won't let him up on the perch! He seem to be OK with that and they have accepted him by now:)

Sometimes in life, humbling down is a  key to situation to live at peace.

My little girl has accepted her added chore for 3 weeks....she seem very capable and happy with everything for the moment. Later, her dad will be back to work hand in hand with her for further support.

Just an insight of character forming in our family and even amongst the chooks that we rear:)

Wishing you a peaceful and happy days for the rest of this week.



  1. My new rooster is not allowed up on the roost at night either. If he tries to hop up, the ladies all peck him until he gets down! Poor rooster :-)

  2. Cute! You and your husband are very good parents.

    When I was little, say 5 or 6 years old, my chore was to collect eggs in the morning and I hated. We must had very aggressive chickens that charged onto me every time I went in the coop.


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