Wednesday 28 January 2015

Another Year to grow Sweet Potato

Dear Family & Friends

I'm desperate in growing Sweet potato! It's a challenge for us because they need a very long, hot growing season. I did tried for the past two years. The first year was a struggle because I grew the potato slips too late. The second year, I managed, but the soil was not warm enough and the plant took a while to get going. Only few leaves for a delicious stir fry was harvested, plus a couple of cute sweet potato, before our cold weather set in.

Two expensive sweet potato I bought in hope that I can some in our garden.

This year, I'm determined to try again for the better. I'm starting early. Sweet potato is not common here. In fact, I can only get them from certain supermarket and quite expensive too! They're not organic so I'm not sure if they will easily grow slips for my planting use. As I have no choice, I can only try to find out! 

Sweet Potato sitting in the water inside a bottle cloche to grow some slips

I've decided to place the sweet potato inside my DIY cloche soda bottle with water. It's sitting by the sunshine for some needed warmth and I'll bring them indoor later to maintain the warmth, in hope that they will sprouts some slips for planting. I do try hard;P you can see:) 

Hopefully, the next time I write about my experiment with growing sweet potato would be the planting part of it.

Let's make garden for this summer. Hope you'll join me too:)



  1. I need to try this!!!! We love sweet potatoes and I would really like to grow my own! Good luck and let us know how it goes!!! Nicole xoxo

  2. I have to depend on friends of mine to grow sweet potatoes for me. Our garden spot is too cool. If only!

  3. Annie , I thought growing sweet potatoes is easy peasy ?! We went to the Farmfest here last week and we bought sweet potatoes and it's organic , it was pretty expensive , nothing special to it though and most of them were not even sweet :P Hope this year will be good for harvesting sweet potatoes , looking forward to its growth , go sweet potatoes lol

  4. Love sweet potato! Especially satsuma sweet potato!
    How is the weather like out there? We're having pretty nice weather...I'm sorry for people living in East Coast. It has been very harsh Winter there.


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