Wednesday 4 February 2015

Ayran - a yogurt drink

Dear Family & Friends

I'm officially given the job title of Princess Cinderella for this winter. But as you know, Cindy does not always get it right. The temperature can vary to low...very low! Or high to very high!! Log burner can be a challenge sometimes!
Can it be that bad?

When temperature soars, I've got the excuse to go make myself a glass of Ayran. To compensate for my job failure;P

The  homemade yogurt setting in the slow cooker pot

What's an Ayran?....well, it's a cooling yogurt drink, popular in this part of the world. Let me tell you how we make it. It's worth a try as it's so easy to make and very cooling for the coming summer months. or... when you are all baking in the confines of your home:)

Home made creamy yogurt

All you need is:
3 cups plain yogurt
1/2 cup water
1 tsp salt

This is very straight forward but tastes great! Put all the ingredients in a blender. Mix for about 30 seconds. Pour into glasses...the creamy bubbles are the best part! Makes about 4 portions.

Simple things in life can be fun...hope you enjoy your day today:)



  1. This sounds and looks delicious!! I have never heard of this before!! Wishing you a cozy day friend! Nicole xoxo

  2. It can't be that bad , Cindy lol Winter's gonna end soon and some refreshing concoctions to combat the summer heat will be much welcome . Your Bulgarian ayran sounds simply delicious !

  3. Ha ha ha, that is important job, Cinday. I must try the yogurt drink, sounds great.


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