Wednesday 11 February 2015

Old Trough to New Wash Basin

Dear Family & Friends

Our wise, clever guy is constantly occupied with home projects during his free time. He have the knack of making ugly things into beautiful master piece:)

We found some old trough in the barn house and so Mr. Innovative decided to recycle and make good use of it. I'll show you how and what he did!

Mixing sand and cement to glue the cut tile onto the surface of an old trough

This trough was probably used to hold water for the barn animals to drink in it's previous life. It's made of cement and quite heavy. As we need a sink outside in our garden area, our 'can-do-everything man' set on another home project, using his leftover bathroom tiles to cover the trough, inside and out.

The tiles were all precut to measure

The hardest part was cutting the thick blue tile, especially as we don't really own a good tile cutter...but he made do, and everything else came easy afterwards.

The inside of the sink is now blue
We didn't have enough blue tiles to cover the whole trough, but who says you can't mix and match tiles for artistic flare? Thus, other left over cream coloured tiles were laid for the rest of the surface area:)

Our water pipe is encased in an insulated cylinder to prevent burst pipe during winter months
We now use this sink to wash all our garden veggies harvest before bringing them into the kitchen. All water drains into the bucket beneath it and we also recycle the water and use them to water our garden from time to time.

This no cost sink is seated on blocks and the bucket beside it collects the water flow

This repurposed and recycled garden sink is the best we could, we can't even find and buy anything as good as this:)

Recycled home projects are fun:)



  1. So brilliant and so beautiful! What an amazing job he did! I really enjoyed this post friend! Such a clever way to reuse and make something stunning and functional!! Nicole

  2. hi annie,
    what a great idea,brilliant and a perfect way to reuse . your husband did a good job!!
    have a nice weekend my friend,
    love and hugs regina

  3. I think he did a wonderful job! It's very nice! I enjoyed reading this post.

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