Wednesday 25 February 2015

Lilac Potato Investment

Dear Family & Friends

It's been almost a month since we last made a visit to the supermarket to stack up our staple food supply in the house. We don't have the need to buy any fruits and veggies because we grow them in the garden ourselves and my freezer food supply will see us through, till summer produce starts giving again. But saying that, I always go and check the green section just for curiousity. 

My attention drew to a small bag of was very expensive! £4 a kilo, in comparison to the normal white Irish potato which sells only 30 pence a kilo!! That's a very big difference! I can't make myself buy this 7 small purple potatoes for the price! But husband thinks differently than the wife! He said: " Get will be our investment!" So, it came home with us.

The purple potatoes are said to be more tastier and richer in nutrients than the white Irish variety.

It's my first time to see purple colour potato. It's said to be much richer in antioxidant which our body needs to fight the many cancers lurking these days. Purple food veggies have more beneficial properties in them that's good for us. 

The literal translation for this potato is Lilac Potato...isn't that name itself so attractive?

The lilac potatoes are not going to be eaten and cooked, we sat them on an egg tray to sprout for the purpose of planting them in the garden come Spring time. I'm sure by summer time, we will benefit and will have the chance to eat our first purple potatoes and store some for future seed. Like any investment, we will have to be patient, to watch and wait for the profit...for now, I must get it working!

Silly me, always get excited with new investment...I'm sure I will update you all about it later on too:)  Hope you have a lovely and exciting day today, whether it's big or small matter!May your investment grow too!



  1. That is a great investment Annie! I have never in my life eaten a purple potato!!! Do let us know how it goes....I was thinking of growing potatoes in bins this year! We shall see! Happy gardening! Nicole xo

  2. What a great idea! I love purple potato so I will do the same investment. Thank you for the post!


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