Tuesday 17 February 2015

My garden centre home

Dear Family & Friends

It will be a bit embarassing if you come to visit us at home at this time, because our little home has somewhat been turned into a green house! I'm telling everyone to be patient with me for this arrangement will just be for a month. I have shelves of seedling trays in our lounge as it's the warmest area of our house, and kitchen window ledge is also filled with more seedling containers!

Tomato seedling making a head start in a recycled container

This would be different scenario if only I own a mini green house....but I don't have everything in life and sometimes, I have to make do.

My favorite subtropical veggie: The Kang kong! If I want to eat, I must grow them!

I particularly like to grow subtropical plants if at all possible...it's all very challenging for us because it needs certain warm condition...so I have to baby such seedlings to obtain some subtropical food veggies that I miss so much and couldn't buy in shops around here!

soda bottles turned into cloche to create a warm and humid atmosphere for the seeds sown in cups 

Even inside the warmest place of our home, I still have to make extra humid and warm condition for some of the plants, by putting them inside my DIY soda bottle cloche! This project is made possible because we have a friend who constantly supply us with bottle resource:)

seedlings sown in soda bottles - recycling our friends' supplies:)

Having some seedlings inside the house also mean that I can check them and build up my excitement everyday!

forcing potato to sprout indoor 

Some unusual plants don't necessarily have to be in compost pots, but just the same, they are inside the house with us...trying to make a head start for our coming spring time gardening!

one seed per cup by the window ledge

It won't be long now, all these seedlings will be going out to a bigger space in our garden. My gardening buddy has now built a cold frame for the seedings to move on to, and the temperature has improved a lot too...just a few more weeks to wait before they will all get planted directly into our garden soil!

It's all but a time and season! Making life all the more exciting and interesting! Hope you are enjoying your day at a time just like us here!



  1. You're amazing! Very organized....so I kind of understood what self sufficient people do to prepare for next garden season.

  2. Oh Annie!!!! This is just too fantastic! Just to see those sprouts makes me smile!!! Wishing you many more to come in the weeks ahead!!! Happy gardening!! Nicole xoxo


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