Thursday 5 March 2015

The Start of the Garden for This Year

Dear Family & Friends

Looks like our gardening for this year has started!! YAY! Still cold out there but some seeds like the radish, peas, fava/broad beans can be sown outdoor early. They are cool weather plants.

radishes are sown directly into the ground

I started sowing seeds indoor for the past weeks. By now, some of them stays out in the porch to get a bit more sun and start getting used to the outside climate.

recycled pots are filled with seedlings under a sheltered area for a welcomed sunshine

I still cover them up with plastic cover at the end of the day, to keep them warm during the night.

Night time temperature can still be very cold, so a plastic cover serves as their blanket

A lots of head start preparations are put into practice this year....yes, cause we have great ambitions to fill the garden up with healthy food for man, for the birds and the bees, and for friends & neighbours too....after all, we get get a lot of enjoyment out of this activity:)

How's your garden growing? Hope you will find some enjoyable time in your garden too:)



  1. I put some more seeds in yesterday, broad beans and peas in the greenhouse, hopefully the mice will leave them alone! by the end of this month I bet the greenhouse will be full!

  2. SO beautiful!!! I love that you have started so many plants from seed Annie and that you are already digging in the dirt! I can not wait for the snow to melt here so I can jump in too! I can't wait to see your garden this season!! Nicole xoxo

  3. Annie , it looks like your garden is ready for the next season ! I can't wait to see what's new in your garden this coming summer :D

  4. It will be an another successful garden! Simply amazing!

  5. That's a lot of seeds you're starting there, wish you bountiful harvest this summer and fall.


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