Tuesday 10 March 2015

Food this week

Dear Family & Friends

If it's not gardening that takes my time, it would be food preparation. That's part of a mother's job description, I suppose. Well, it certainly all adds up excitement for our family!

Salad and pita bread for a starter
Our family partakes and shares the joy of everyday life. We are all one as a unit! We all share responsibility and we take pride in doing them.

My little girl baked us filo pastry that was rolled and filled with feta cheese
My little girl as always seem to want to take over my kitchen. She enjoys feeding us for some reason!! I think it's because we couldn't resist her offer either!!

Sushi of any kind always brings a lot of joy to this family
Not everyday finds me inspired in food preparation...some days are better than others. When I feel lousy, I sometimes just prepare sushi with very basic filling such as eggs etc...  The man in our house would say: WOW! we have starter meal today...what's our main course? and my response is: "I'm afraid, that's 'the' main course, dear..". Believe me, even with just sushi rolls on our table, my little family will finish them with great joy and contentment!

As always, there's the weekly homemade ricotta cheese for sandwiches
In the kitchen, there's always some staple food prepared and stored in the fridge for quick sandwich fillers and snacks such as the weekly cheese making, all done by the two girls.

Life is simple and happy...for as long as we have contentment in our hearts. Enjoy your everyday life too...because that's important:)



  1. That filo pastry looks amazing! I would love to try to make it like that! And yes...it is in a mothers description for sure! You are doing such a good job teaching your kiddos about cooking! Happy day friend! Nicole xo

  2. Hi Annie, how you doing? Sorry for not visiting cos busy with CNY baking. Love the pita bread and filo pastry,look so good. Bother are my favorite.

    Have a nice day, regards.

  3. The ricotta looks like a good sandwich filling, how do you make it? As for food, some daysI rreally struggle with what to cook for tea. My girls love helping me cook, but I'm not sure how much help they are!

  4. I'm just happy to know that your family like sushi! And that is great looking rolled sushi! I have never made homemade ricotta but sounds delicious!

  5. Annie , I love that one of your kids love to cook or bake , another extra hand in the kitchen certainly helps :D I still haven't made ricotta , maybe next time as I want to make some fried ricotta wonton !


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