Wednesday 20 April 2016

A Family Team Effort

Dear Family & Friends

We have this tiny plot in the village, just a walking distance from our house. For years we just left it and neighbours freely use it to let their donkey to graze on. This year, we decided that we should really do something as good steward of the land.

Metal Hand drill borrowed from the neighbour to dig a hole in the ground

First of all, we have to secure the boundary. We checked on the cost of wiring fence and decided that for the moment we have to just make use of what we have and not create extra expense. Afterall, we have no specific plan but to just plant some easy trees that would be able to fend for itself... 

The team leader at work along with two super assistants

With some concrete post we already have at home and some old unusable garden hose pipes, we think it will be enough to make our boundary for the time being.

Marking a hole on the ground

The ground is still soft and moist...making it ideal and easy task to drill and bury the post, as well as plant out the trees.

Burying a concrete post for the boundary

Our two teenagers are more than willing to contribute to the task...and they are strong girls too! It's a family team effort!

Here comes our fence

Now who says that gardening is not a glamorous job?! One of our girls always mix in glamour with whatever job she lands on...and yes, they have great fun too!

The Glamorous helper

After setting up the boundary, a few trees were planted in. There were empress trees given by a neighbour and other free fruit tree volunteers taken from our home garden. We will continue to fill this land area with trees as they come.

Planting an Empress Tree

For today, the job is we pray that God will give us favour and help these trees grow and hopefully be productive with fruits to be enjoyed by all.

Growing trees is an is also a fulfilling and satisfying job. Wishing you the same satisfaction in every work you do this week:)



  1. Great that you have an area in the village to do that! What's an empress tree?

  2. That tree is also known as Powlina - it's a fast growing tree...mainly used for it's wood...made popular by the Japanese wood carving.

  3. Investing in trees is a great idea. Its a pity I do not have space in my garden for planting trees. It is wonderful to be able to plant fruit trees.

  4. Too bad I don't have a big garden to plant trees loved your post
    Hi I am your new GFC follower hope you like to follow back
    Glamorous without the Guilt

  5. Team work - Great memories that will be passed down to the next generation.


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