Friday 15 April 2016

Daily celebration

Dear Family & Friends

The pleasure of seeing my family tuck in a homecooked fare on the dinner table makes me count my daily blessings. Although not 100% of it is my work...yet I aim to grow most of our plant food naturally. It drives me to continue to work hard in growing and designing an edible garden. I am ever grateful to God for a healthy mind to aim for this opportunity.

one simply cooked meal for the day

Having a united family unit is also a blessing. Instructing and teaching your own children is not always easy, but it's not something to give up. Once you helped them form a godly character from an early age, they become secured and happy and will constantly bring blessings to the family.

tea party - exciting:)

For our family...everything is plain and simple...none of us requires any payment of any sort from each other. From time to time, we have a festive tea party...herbal tea drink and a fruity glazed and decorated bread will do. Everyone is would think we won the lottery jackpot already!

Spring blossom everywhere at this time of the year

All fun and no work is not good either. So, we drive each other mad with work motivation. My big girl is now a self made web designer. It's not easy as you think it is...she self taught herself and was quick to grab the coding she does it??...I don't know...although she claims that it's something to do with autism?? I now wish I have some of that too!

I might not be an IT geek but I also self taught myself with playing garden dirt. This week, I was quick enough to suggest a cycling route to the three eager cyclist family members - off to a nearby village where the locals buy their cheap and good seed potatoes. The village is small need for GPS. In fact, when they knocked on the door, my husband was greeted by his first name. My girls were very impressed...that includes the husband too! He's no Tom Cruise by any means....but this lady's son works in a nearby town restaurant, who served him once and got chatting with. So that explains it! 

chitting my potatoes for planting

OK back to the errand mission, I've got my assortment of unknown variety potato seeds ... about 3 kilos of it, paying just under a pound/1 Euro!! Cheap right?? She suggested for more, but I don't think I've got enough land area to put them in. That alone would already give me about 150 potato plants!!  

So, I'm off to more gardening fun...I will come back to tell you more stories next week. For now, I wish you a good day...and hope you have happy gardening days too!


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  1. A yummy home cooked meal with home grown stuff from own garden. Beautiful spring blossoms. Have a beautiful weekend!


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