Sunday, 10 April 2016

Do you do seasonal chores?

Dear Family & Friends

There are things we tend to do in season.. planting certain plants are one of those. I usually go to the market to get my onion sets for planting, but this year, I want to grow 'shallots' instead. After explaining what a shallot is to a grandfather market vendor, he assured me that the onion sets I'm buying would produce multiple onions per plant. Sounds like shallot, although it looks just like the usual onion sets to me!! I got 1/2 a kilo worth costing just under 50 pence:) and this will be enough, if not more, for our whole year's supply!

My first shallot sets to grow in the garden this year

Whilst I'm busy sowing, planting, and growing things in the garden, inside the house, my girls are also inspired to arrange and rearange their bedroom layout and clothes in their wardrobe and drawers.

shirts neatly  rolled in drawer - done by colour and design..I heard!

Sometimes, chores that are repetitive, done seasonally, can bring comfort. At least they don't require much thinking and for a minute or two, the brain cells can have a little holiday break;P That's how I figure it for myself.

Well, I wish you have some comfort in everything that you are doing today too. Enjoy the work of your hands this week:)


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