Thursday, 5 May 2016

Sound and sight in the garden

Dear Family & Friends

I just love this time of the year...most days I'm out in the garden working, sowing, transplanting, mulching, planning, watering, harvesting...then, quickly sneak back to the kitchen to prepare our lunch. By afternoon...back into the garden with more or less the same job. By nightfall, the bed seems to be the best place for a very weary body....but my mind is eagerly looking forward to the morning to start all over again! It's madness!

Forget about their warty mean look..but really...they are beautiful:)
In the garden, I enjoy the sight of my garden friends...FROGGIES!! They help me clear up some of the garden slugs and snails...who just can't resist eating my newly sown veggies and plants.

Our little pear tree is full of blossoms

The various fruits trees in our garden are putting out so many after another. First trees to get covered in flowers were the plums, followed by the deep pink blossoms of Peach, Nectarine, Pear, Cherries, Apples and lastly.. the Quince trees. The bees are so busy visiting every blooms so our trees can set lots of fruits for us to eat later:)

Miss honey bee is busy gathering food from flowers and pollinating it at the same time

It's so noisy out there in the garden with the sound of buzzing bees and the excitable birds who are busy building their nest out of the cut grass mulching that I lay on my garden beds.

Bright yellow of dandelion weeds

There's so many colours popping up in the garden too. Both from the self seeding weeds and the purposely planted flowering bulbs and plants...even my vegetables are now throwing colours as they start bolting into seeds. No, I don't colour coordinate my garden...nature just colours them as they please....with reds, yellow, pink, purple, blue and whites. I like it whatever way:) Even a mix match ones:)

Wishing you a good week and remain blessed as always.



  1. Your text and photos are full of spring joy. Long ago I coordinated all the colours in my garden, but by selfseeding and so on, it's now a mix of all colours of the rainbow, I just love it.
    Regards, Janneke

  2. Hi Annie, love the beautiful flowers. The frogs look rather cute too. They look huge?
    Happy gardening.


  3. Beautiful pictures!
    I've nominated you for a leibster I'm afraid! It's ten questions to answer, pop over to my blog to see them. Don't worry I won't be offended if you don't answer them!

  4. It surely is wonderful to have a variety of fruit to harvest later.


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