Tuesday 21 June 2016

Building our Mud Wall

Dear Family & Friends

Long time ago, they used to build houses and walls with mud bricks. They use mud (of course) along with straw and other organic materials and mould it one by one. It is a skill! It retains heat in the winter and keeps the house cool in the summer. I can tell you this because our house is made of three feet thick mud walls! It is a well insulated house:)

A wheel borrow load of mud bricks
These days, people uses red bricks/blocks because of convinience...but it is not the same! We found a house in our village, who decided to tear and replace their broken down property mud wall with cement blocks. So, we asked them if we could have their old mud bricks. They were just so happy to part with it and we were so happy to have this precious commodity!

Extending around two layers of mud bricks to add the height
A section of our front property wall is not high enough that if you're very tall, you could easily tip toe to see us inside our property. So, we decided to build it higher.

Layering very strong sun baked mud bricks with more mud mix to bind it together

It feels better when we have more privacy from public eyes, just by adding another two layers of mudbricks, two feet wide:) This very strong wall will last for hundreds and hundreds of years!

The wall is now higher after father & daughter worked on it for just a couple of hours 

We still got a few ready made mud bricks..so we are thinking of some good projects to put it to use. For now...we're still pondering on things.

Recycling free mud bricks that we salvaged from the village

One man's rubbish became another man's treasure. We are easy to please...but we are very convinced it is the other way around. In fact, if we haven't found the mud bricks...we were all ready to home make our very own! Phew! That would have been much harder!

All for today. I wish you a good and profitable week too.



  1. Great idea to use the mud bricks, it must feel much morcomfortable to have no peeking eyes over your wall and your strong wall is a good defence for all kinds of riffraff.

  2. Privacy--so important. And the wall looks "natural"--very nice!

  3. Good idea and also save all the hard work by using recycled mud bricks. Now you have more privacy with the higher wall.

  4. I agree...one man's rubbish is another man' treasure. A lotnof work building that wll but the end result is lovely. Well done


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