Saturday 2 July 2016

Keeping cool this Weekend

Dear Family & Friends

Our little family is great fun. We share and like a lot of simple things in life. Being appreciative and united all makes a good day. Another hot summer's day to enjoy together. Off we went to find respite...where else but the usual rowing canal.

food we can eat with our hands and a bench to sit on is all we need for party time

Armed with a  plate of 'banitsa' - a local puffed pastry filled and rolled in with white feta cheese. 

one yummy banitsa

We sat on a park bench, savouring a warm delicious snack while over looking across the canal - there's a line of men fishing! Fishing is not normally allowed ...but perhaps this is a special day for it!

just being near the water vicinity seems to bring cooling effect on us for the summer

The light breeze of the man-made lake did cooled us a bit. Happy and satisfied with our little family outing, we head back home...

all sorts of plants growing together in harmony - keeping each other in shade

Back to our beloved happy garden and the little home we love the most. Hope you have a beautiful and fulfilling day just as we did:)... despite the turbulence and chaos created in daily news propagandas, (just don't believe everything you read)...most important is to keep your home and family in order and everything else will work well. Keep calm and be wise!



  1. Wise words, Annie. I loved this post. Family and home ARE the MOST important things of all. Trends come and go, material possession wear out or break down, but home is forever. Have a wonderful weekend

  2. Couldn't agree more. To be home safe with family us the best thing.

  3. Lovely photos and post, thank you so much for sharing. Here in Montreal, Canada, it is supposed to be very hot and humid over the next few days so I will be indoors a lot, where it is safe. I hope you are having a great week. You have a lovely blog. :)


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