Saturday 21 January 2017

Working on cold winter's day

Dear Family & Friends

It's been a cold winter's day, but always very bright and sunny:) The sun is positioned much lower in the winter me, that's God's grace for mankind to get a bit comfort and warmth for the season. Despite the very sunny day, the temperature records -7C! ..and we have some work to do in our tiny apartment.  

we finally got connected to electric supply to enable us to start work

There's some delays in our plans to get it all ready before then, but it still works out well for us. This winter we are more free to undertake the interior works...the building contractors were ready with the electric power supply.We're more concern of having to work in a freezing situation, so a portable heat blower was in mind. Yet, we realized that despite the freezing temperature outside, inside the apartment was not too bad as the sun shines right through. A real blessing indeed. 

sunshine steaming thru the apartment - keeping us warm as we work:)

Our work chores have now changed according to what the season dictates. No more outside gardening for me...instead, me and the two teenagers are busy with our home projects like knitting, crocheting, and sewing, From time to time we are also called to help in the apartment interior works... sanding walls and painting. An extra helping hand is always needed somewhere. 

knitting an orange colour scarf:)

Yes, our CEO at home is keeping us all out of idle mischief...but saying that...he is also pampering us with lots of winter holiday breaks! We're off to yet another weekend break in the mountain to enjoy food, and a 5 star hotel facility offers. Perhaps we might check out the ski lift, although no one is interested in skiing. I definitely just want to be in the warmth:)

Hope you are also taking the time and chance to enjoy with your family whenever opportunities arises too:)



  1. That's nice that the sun warms your apartment. Might end up being very easy to heat!
    Enjoy your holiday (and take LOTS of pics!!!)

  2. That's nice.. stay warm inside.. :)

  3. Abigail Ratchford loves sleepin' in. That's how she keeps herself warm in wintertime

  4. Enjoy your weekend break. Looking forward to your photos and posts. Keep warm.

  5. I love it when things fall into place sometimes. And it is good that the apartment gets the sun. It will help who ever moves in there to be warm as well!

    Have a fab time. I hope there are places like the building you showed the other day. That was beautiful

  6. Sound like the best time of the year. Weekend getaways...nice


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