Wednesday 12 April 2017

The up and coming Ikea competitor

Dear Family & Friends

Our two teenagers are very united with our little family... they so appreciate that we bought this little city apartment which is theirs. The great thing is that, they both understand that there's a great deal to work for in life. Every Saturday, we go there for a bit work...and holiday fun in between! It's not completely finished, yet it can be called livable already.

the furniture restorer's workshop

For the meantime, we need to build our kitchen units which has to be personally designed in order to maximize the space area, as no ready made kitchen unit for sale qualify the specification we require.

Another one more to go....

We bought cupboard furniture that fits in size but not the right colour, to convert into our creative kitchen we have in mind. That's when our ingenuity comes to play. We have to refurbish it. Our big girl is so committed with the idea. Everyday, she works on this 6 parts furniture: sanding bit by bit using machine sander and hand-power for the nooks and crannies. It's a lot of work....before we are able to paint it to fit in our design concept.

She's really doing a very good job - so proud of our hard working teenager

The work and responsibilities we present to our teenagers are 'well' taken as opportunity to develop strong characters that is needed these days for a successful life. They still got the responsibility of finishing their educational studies at the same time. With this, they develop a work life to tackle and arrange their own daily schedule to accomplish their responsibilities.

If only I can send you the fragrance of these flowers...

Everyday I see my big girl juggling school work along with pressuring herself to finish the furniture restoration, as she is so keen to see it installed in the apartment as soon as possible. Her father would always remind her to take the time in order to give the very best of her work as oppose to rushed job performance. Patience is an important virtue too:)

At least part of her time when she works outside, in my front garden, to sand the furniture, she's filled  with the fragrance of my hyacinth blooms...yes, there's no better workplace than this:)

Keep motivated in life, for life is meant for good.. and it is good:) Have a good day!



  1. You really did an incredible job.. you've raised two responsible teenagers.. Kudos to you.. big hug...

  2. Annie, you are an amazing parent and oh-so-wise.
    That said, I cannot wait to see the finished cupboard and how it would look in your kitchen.

  3. You and hubby are great model parents setting good examples for your children. You all are so blessed. Looking forward to see the finished work.

  4. Krishna, Sharon, Nancy... thank you for your kind comments. Sometimes I doubt whether I should have brought the two girls in different way because there's many different opinions of how parenting should be done...but in the end, I think what matters is the result. We are blessed with but it is all with God's given wisdom. Hope you have a blessed week with your own family:)


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