Monday 23 October 2017

Bee keeping is an easy passive income source

Dear Family & Friends

Our CEO is back on track with the inspiring concept of keeping bees. He got all the reason for that: First of all, he loves honey. Keeping bee is also a very good passive income - that means you can generate income without having your physical body to generate it, except for very minimal attention from time to time. The price of honey is not cheap because it is a natural good food and it can keep a long time too.

putting our honey into jars

An old village grandfather is mentoring our CEO on beekeeping. It's true that he got stung by the bees on a couple of times when he tried to refill their sugar water needs and topples it all up that the bees got threatened with what he was doing. Now that he is more calm and relax, he is able to perform better and no more fear of being stung. Bees don't like stinging people...because it means death to themselves:(

our very own honey with hint of herbs from our garden - superfood concocted by the bees

We are hoping to build up our bee colony in the near future...we will see how we can come up to fulfill this plan. We want to give more homes to these magnificent creatures. For now, I have all the reason and incentive to go for a beautiful natural share of inspiration for this venture. Gardening has become more meaningful, it is no longer a chore:)

Wishing you a wonderful week.



  1. In our country it is not good with the bees. The bee population declined considerably recent years. Good idea of beekeeping for your own honey and may be selling honey. I'm always a bit scared to be stung.
    Have a nice week too!

    1. yes! here bees are declining in an alarming rate..

  2. We are developing a field we own next year so we can keep pigs and sheep. We are also really keen to have a couple of beehives in there, too.

  3. That's lovely to read the progress with your bee-keeping Annie, it's a beautiful thing to be able to eat honey produced in your own garden. Bees are so essential to the existence of we humans.
    Cheers and it is really nice to share our mutual love of nature :D) xx

  4. So wonderful to have your own honey. I love honey too!


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