Sunday 11 March 2018

Spring gardening commence

Dear Family & Friends

It's now 6 in the evening and I had a good long day out working in the garden... time to call it a day. 

This week looks and feel very much like spring time:)

We had a mild winter compared to the previous year, with the last snow fall around first week of March!!. Not the usual norm, as March is normally not as cold for snowfall...but it did!

just last week, everything was buried under thick blanket of snow

Obviously, last week's two feet deep snow melted quicker than it should. All is good for my garden:) Now it's all cleared and warm enough to do my spring time garden chores!

A birdie as my company as I work in the garden

I treated myself to a couple of pruning garden tools recently, and have put them to good use today. It's time to prune the old branches of plant bushes to make way for new growth. I also divided and spread out chives and other flowering bulbs. It's one fun time as few birds were hopping and flying around, to keep me company:)

old potatoes were planted out 

It's about time to sow some seeds in my vegetable garden area too. I managed to gather my left over potatoes and planted them out onto one long row in my garden bed. While doing so, one tiny frog kept me company too:)

busy bees coming and going out from their hive to as they gather nectar in the garden

The air is cool but the sun is shinning so brightly...just perfect for a long working day in the garden. The bees were out and they were working as much as I did. With so many of them coming in and out of their hives as they gather nectar from tiny weed flowers, they were making so much noise and I really enjoyed that! The noise of  cheerful workers.

Spring time is to be celebrated. It's the best time of the year. Next post will be about our family spring holiday trip, a weekend by the lake. Till then...and wishing you a nice day too.



  1. Indeed Annie glorious spring has arrived. I´ve been out in the garden for a whole day yesterday too, I loved to make a start pruning my prickly roses. Today it´s raining with rather high temperatures, so the growth can begin. Nice you planted out already potatoes, I think it´s here still too early to sow seeds outside. One week ago we still could skate on the canals.....

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