Thursday 30 August 2018

A little outing

Dear Family & Friends

It's been almost a month since I visited the city.  I find the city slightly more hotter than being in the village surroundings for summer comfort. Since we're running out of basic supplies, it was time for grocery shopping in town once again. 

We also popped in our city apartment and I noticed a few more nice changes: New landscaping and a third phase of similar apartment building next to ours are now finished and occupied! So many apartment buildings are rising so fast over here!

New signage:)

Going to the apartment for the day is a little family outing for us. We usually stay for lunch and have simple finger food like sandwiches or take away pizza. This is a happy break for the family already. No, it's not hard to please this family.

Another apartment building for neighbors:)

For most families here, summer holiday is almost over. As school children prepares to go back to school in September. For us, it means it's our turn to visit the seaside when it's not too busy anymore, just to mark a summer holiday. Our big boss has already booked us a short weekend holiday treat. It's another fun family time to look forward to.

Hope you are still enjoying your season where you are.


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  1. Wonderful to have a apartment in the city where you can drop in anytime you want. We are also going through a hot spell here.


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