Tuesday 4 September 2018

Paper piecing project

Dear Family & Friends,

In between chores, I'm just too restless if I have no projects to work on at the same time. Hands at work in tranquility is very therapeutic activity for me. Since I've finished a big crochet throw blanket, I'm free to start a paper piecing chair cover project, to replace the shabby one I've done for our apartment use.

hand sewn paper piecing project

Everyday I do a little bit. It takes a while as it's all done by hand. I also use recycled fabrics because I like to believe that I should take responsible action of not being reckless with our consumption at the expense of our future environment. Paper piecing is an ideal way to recycle old clothes.

Do you like this 3D design?

Slowly, my paper piecing project is getting bigger as my fingers gets more callus with every needle prick LOL! Nonetheless, I do enjoy the progress I make and it's always nice to have a goal to work on - big or small goal, until it's done. This is what makes life more interesting. I have a long way to go, but hopefully I could show you my finished project when it's done.

For now, I must get back to my sewing. Enjoy your day too:)



  1. That's quite a job, I like the design very much.

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  3. Wow!! you are doing an incredible job.. love it..


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