Sunday 18 November 2018

Preference for a Natural Gardening

Dear Family & Friends

It's such a beautiful day today. I spent most of the day clearing - chopping and dropping old plants that have finished flowering and fruiting for this year. I also did transplanting of plants here and there as I find more suitable grounds.

red goji berries along with their green leaves glimmers under the sunshiny day

I used to get frustrated with weeds before, but now I see them as part of my garden resource. I just clear them and compost them which will eventually enrich my soil. Some I leave in piles for little garden creatures to have refuge and form some protection for the coming winter.

morning glory flower on dangling vine along with a silky string of spider web

A German family friends recently came to visit us and was pleased to have the opportunity to see a garden that is not the usual 'norm'. They also love gardening but their garden is very different from ours. He maintains it with much digging and labor intensive way. As our garden is 3 times the size of his, I just can't take his method of constant digging to generate air into the soil.

trailing roses, fruit and flower vines mingles with each other

Natural gardening is best suited for us. It does make more sense too. Since we have a very dry hot summers, keeping my garden watered is a much greater priority than digging our soil constantly. We all have different approach with how we work in our garden depending on our environment, climate and resources.

hundreds and hundreds of chrysanthemum flowers in bloom forming a hedge on my garden beds

Garden can zap a lot of energy but I don't think that's how it should be.  I must also enjoy it and find ways that works best for us. Every year as I assess our gardening year, I can just say that our garden has been very productive for our little family's needs.

Year by year, I see how it improves and gets established as nature dictates. I'm not aiming for an impersonal 'park garden' appeal, rather an oasis for our family with all the happy creatures that's in it too:) A safe place where I can grow good food and be amazed:)

Well, I'm sending you good wishes for the week.


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  1. We should enjoy our garden and not be a slave to our garden. Your garden has been very fruitful and your method works well for your garden.


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