Wednesday 28 November 2018

Party in the apartment

Dear Family & Friends

We're probably not the most normal family there is because we are so easy to please and it doesn't have to cost anything because we just enjoy being together, no matter where we are. 

One of the girls had her birthday but she also had some responsibility to take care of that day - so we all went to our city apartment and after she did her paid cleaning job with her sister for two apartment blocks, we had our lunch and a birthday cake in our apartment! What joy! That was already a celebration:)

just a store bought birthday cake to celebrate a birthday:)

While waiting for the two girls to finish their responsibility, the parents did some arranging and rearranging things in the apartment. There's not much to be done there, except for little interior decor wishes like hanging some picture frames, a coat hanger rack on the wall for winter jackets by the entrance way etc...

a small cozy place to go

We also decided to move furniture and fixtures in the bedroom as we want it to be functional not only as a sleeping place, but perhaps a dual office area too. It's always fun to think and come up with new innovative ways from time to time.

planning a new layout for the bedroom

After enjoying the birthday cake, we were ready to spent some leisure shopping time for a family treat, before we go back to our village home.

a yummy piece of that birthday cake

That was the day we had. A relaxing day, just enjoying our time together - even though we are always together everyday of the week - 24/7. I told you... we're probably not the most normal  typical family, but it's how we like it to be:)

It's time to go - as I wait for everyone by the entrance door.

Hope you are enjoying your family on everyday basis, for they're your greatest treasure and blessings in life.



  1. Delicious cake. Happy birthday to your girl. :)

  2. Sounds like a perfect day topped off with tasty cake. It would have been a lovely way to spend a birthday :D)


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