Friday 23 November 2018

The Paper Piecing Chair Cover Is Done

Dear Family & Friends

For several weeks, I was silently sewing by hand each paper piecing, with the intention of turning it into a chair cover, using only some of the materials we have at home that needs recycled. I like the fact that I don't need to spend money to do this project.  OK, I bought one pool of thread for this: costing 0.50 euro cents!! LOL 

my paper piecing chair cover project is done:)

I like the optic illusion design and the colour of the choosen fabric materials too. Doing the paper piecing, I also ended up with a thicker and heavier material, which is well suited for a seat cover's use.

Do you see the many cubes - facing this way and that way?

It's not the most brilliant sewing as I still got a lot to learn how to sew things, but somehow, as I undertook the project, it all work out 'just right'! My saving factor is that I am sewing by hand, and this gives me much time to figure what and how I am going to do things as I go.

A chair cover that cost mainly a few minutes of my day but I profited lots of joy

It's obvious that I am well pleased with what I have done and I'm calling it an achievement. In life, I find that there's so many things we can learn and most of it is just to go ahead and do it without hesitation. It's one way to learn things quick.

I'm onto another sewing project as I aim to recycle and clear up as much of the old clothes which piles up in the corner of our room. So, it's time to go back and plod on. I wish you a good day ahead:)



  1. you are incredible! you sewed with hands!! Awesome!

  2. Very nice chair cover. Do you mean English Paper Piecing? I love doing this sewing and I'm making a blanket.


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