Saturday, 20 February 2021

Our bees in the winter

Dear Family & Friends,

You might wonder what happens to our honey bees out in the garden when deep freeze arrives.... Well, here they are. The hives are covered in snow...but we can hear them buzzing happily inside the hive for they are busy at work no matter what the weather brings: Caring for their queen, looking after the new babies and keeping the hive clean and warm using their wings' energy.

For this very reason, when we harvest honey in autumn, it's very important that we never get their share. For they need the food energy all winter long as there's not much food to forage in the garden at this time.   These creatures have definitely earned our highest respect! Without bees, I don't think the world will have enough food to eat.

Just my fun facts for you today....Hope you make the most of your day and make it great!!


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