Friday 12 November 2021

Update on outdoor kitchen

Dear Family & Friends

This WAS the outdoor kitchen attached to the main house when we got it. There's an open fire stone oven plus a store room, it's small- but we decided to keep and improve it.

We WILL enclose this area with big windows and glass doors that will open to an existing front grapevine arbour garden, where we can have extended outdoor sitting area.

We need a vision to see further on how this will turn beautiful and functional later on. There's an open  connection lower down to the right which leads to a couple of steps onto the semi-basement of the main house.

The roof, beams, and chimney have now been restored and replaced. There's still other works needed to be done as we keep our goals forward. We do works we could do ourselves to cut cost and learn at the same time! A Win-win thing to do!

For now, that's the work progress, but I will continue to update and inspire you on this project journey. Take care everyone and have a great week.


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